Episode 8: A Violinist, A Tech CEO, A Humanitarian – Marian, Sunny and Angela

You and Me and Everyone We Know is an audio diary made by everyday people living through the coronavirus pandemic. In today’s episode we talk bands streaming music live on Facebook from the Texas Hill Country, the spiritual connection between an audience and a performer, and freshwater snorkeling. We also talk about how contagious kindness and love can be, and how refugees have so much to teach the world about how to hold onto hope in our worst days. Press play below to listen to the latest episode (or find it on Apple Podcasts and Spotify:

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First up, we’re talking to Marian. Marian is my sister-in-law who moved to Wimberly to deepen her connection to the music community in the heart of Texas. Before this crisis her spring was booked. We talked last Tuesday, March 24, when she wasn’t sure what the future looked like, but she was hopeful. (You can catch Marian’s live shows on Facebook here.)

In the second part of the show, we’re talking to Sunny. Sunny and I talked on March 23rd. Sunny is the CEO of the manufacturing software firm, Fulcrum, and already his team was working remotely. He was still going downtown to the office, wiping down elevator buttons and door handles. Sunny talked to me about how he’s seen people change in such a short amount of time, and how he’s finding hope.

In the third part of this episode, we’re talking to Angela. Angela and I worked together at the American Refugee Committee which has since become Alight. Angela is working harder than ever helping Alight respond to the pandemic with refugee communities in Uganda, Thailand, Somalia and elsewhere. When we talked on March 23rd, we remembered how lucky we are to have learned so much from refugees and the communities that support them.

Thanks for listening! And thank you Angela, Sunny and Marian for connecting with all of us. 

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