Best thing to happen in a long time: REUNION.

One of the best people I know who I studied abroad with and lived with in college, one who now apparently runs marathons came to chug one out in DC. So, in a spectacular and unpredicted turn of events, we went and ate burritos and talked for hours while at least three sets of diners came and left around us.

After a lots of catching up, we met up with another one of the best people I know who now studies at Georgetown.

Look at the three of us, here in Berlin, completely young and freshly let loose on the world:

We haven’t been in the same room together in years, and yet here we are so close my little heart wanted to explode with JOY:

We’re so much older now. She studies education policy. He works in finance in New York.  I… heal. Can you believe we all just keep getting older? The idea of it tends to BLOW MY MIND.  And to still love these two souls as much as I do, just fills up the ol’ heart.

I mean look at them, years ago, on our way to Berlin.  What’s not to love?

To borrow, Travis, Kathryn, you are the top children in the United States of America.


  1. i wish i had been there!!!!

  2. CintusSuprimus

    Looks lovely! Wish I could’ve been there, too!

  3. YAY reunions!!! They are the best. Truly the best.

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