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If you’re kind enough to read my blog, you will notice in the coming months that I’m trying something new. Nothing drastic. I’ll only be trying to update more frequently, but with less longer posts. So, you can grab your morning coffee and take a sip of Armenia as well. My pictures will come up in smaller bits, hopefully in the fashion of my friend over at Circle Me Confused (and go there to check out some really killer photos of PCV life in Armenia). With my little point-and-shoot Powershot (which I love), I’ll offer my bits here. Like the following:

I went to a play put on my a children’s club in a tiny village up north. I didn’t understand a word of it as the village speaks mostly Russian. However, the costumes were great, and although the pic doesn’t show it, the guy on the far left running the sound system dressed in fatigues, painted his face and carried a knife for the occasion (and was the sole representative for the village’s men). What a supportive akhber.

And here gathered the audience on tiny schoolroom chairs. After the performance which included recitations, drama, and a few musical numbers, the crowd was engaged with in a game of trivia. A right answer won you a paper flower prepared by the theatre troop. The women pictured here loved the event, paid at the door actually.

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  1. katieleigh

    I love these moments and bits of Armenian life. Keep 'em coming, Brento.

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