Ramzi, Kelly and Tanya tell their stories.

Episode 10: A Father in Jordan, a Grocer in London, and a Hairdresser in Minneapolis — Ramzi, Kelly, and Tanya

You and Me and Everyone We Know is an audio diary made by everyday people living through the coronavirus pandemic. In today’s episode, we talk UX design, alter egos, Austin, Texas, fearing for our grandparents, ginger tea and pumpkin squares. We also talk about how important it is to be social in the time of social distancing and about making art in quarantine. Press play to listen to the latest episode!

I hand her the pears. She holds it, feels the weight. It's a pear," I say, a bit slowly..."

An Alien at a Grocery Store

I love grocery shopping. I didn’t always. Marriage changed that. My mom told me that in the first years of my parent’s marriage, their favorite activity was heading to the grocery store, shopping together. They were college kids then; they had no extra spending money. It’s amazing how aisles and aisles of food can ignite your imagination, your hope for the future, the ideas of new possibilities right around the corner.  ‘Honey, look at these avocados!’ I imagine my mom saying to my dad with my older brother sitting in the front of the grocery cart. ‘Wouldn’t guacamole be amazing?!’…