How I Felt On My First Father’s Day

She’s officially seven months. Sunday was Father’s Day. It was my first Father’s Day as a father. Today I saw her sit up on her own for the first time. She sat right up. She didn’t say anything. She didn’t celebrate. She didn’t look at me for approval. She didn’t cheer with glee. She simply just sat right up. Then she grabbed a purple block from a collection of blocks and stared at it. She is marvelous. She doesn’t know it, of course. She doesn’t know that when she sits up my heart completely stops, shatters into a million pieces,…

6 Months of Fatherhood

Our sweet one is 6 months old, y’all. Half a year ago I said goodbye to sleep. I’m literally nodding off right now. 6 months ago the phrase “on a whim” flew the coop, and on the same wings flew “good night’s sleep” and “strutting your stuff”. These have been replaced by “do you have the diaper bag/day school bag/stroller base/binky/blanket/formula/time to run home and thaw the breastmilk?” and “what’s really so bad about 4am?” and “but can you really SEE the barf on my shirt?” Honestly, I feel like a crazed chicken most days. But I couldn’t be happier….