6 Months of Fatherhood

Our sweet one is 6 months old, y’all. Half a year ago I said goodbye to sleep. I’m literally nodding off right now. 6 months ago the phrase “on a whim” flew the coop, and on the same wings flew “good night’s sleep” and “strutting your stuff”. These have been replaced by “do you have the diaper bag/day school bag/stroller base/binky/blanket/formula/time to run home and thaw the breastmilk?” and “what’s really so bad about 4am?” and “but can you really SEE the barf on my shirt?” Honestly, I feel like a crazed chicken most days. But I couldn’t be happier….

The Same Apartment

I went to Wisconsin to work on a new project, and I’m staying in the same apartment we stayed in when we brought our baby home from the hospital last fall. We didn’t quite bring her HOME home. We brought our days-old baby here, to this apartment. This is the apartment above our surrogacy agency. Two days before our baby girl was born, we drove four hours, arrived here, brought our bags upstairs. We set up a pack-n-play, put our baby’s bassinet in it and folded a paper thin receiving blanket with cameras on it, draping it over the side….

From Tiny Cells to Singing

We’re about to hit five months! Our Baby Girl is about to be FIVE MONTHS OLD. Just over a year ago she was a microscopic group of cells in a freezer. Now she’s singing at the dinner table. How is she different now at five months than at 4, 3, 2 or 1? Well, now she has hair. You can’t see it in photos or from a distance. She still has most of the brown hair she was born with, but that brown hair has spread out as her head has grown so that now she is sporting that baby…

Blissing Out

Absolute bliss. Total and absolute paradigm shifting happiness that will fly me to the moon. I am feeling it today, y’all. FEELING IT! Why? Why am I so happy?! So get this… I napped. I’ve been writing a lot about the big picture lately. “You need to find a way to enjoy your life,” I put in a post. “You have to take every chance you get to make your life the way you dream it to be,” I wrote. And I believe those things. Life is short. Dream, dream all the time, then do something to get you closer…