texas to minnesota

So, it turns out it takes a long time to get from Texas to Minnesota. Long enough that you can make a thirteen minute video. Making the video kind of gave me someone to talk to for 18 hours which makes me sound crazy, but actually the video helped pass the time. And this morning I put some scraps together. Here you go… just in case you want to watch someone talk to himself.

i’d like to stay alive in the woods

I am an undisciplined soul.  I have a lot of free time, and as you have seen, I haven’t been writing much.  Instead I’ve been binging on entertainment. I am admittedly a pop culture junkie, and here in the land of plenty I have been feasting on such wild delicacies as How I Met Your Mother and RuPaul’s Drag Race. Thankfully (though sometimes I curse it), the internet at Georgetown Suites creeps almost to a halt every time I try to load a new episode, so eventually I give up and grab a book.  My friend John who is very…