sunny-side up

Eeeek…. that last post, geez what a downer.  On the fair side: I really do feel like there’s a some ringing bell, some kind of constant droning reminder of things I find difficult about being a Peace Corps volunteer.  On the other side: Self, lighten up already.

Between the last post and now I have:

-Welcomed the newest group of volunteers to Armenia.
-Slept in a bed with a real mattress and American style pillows.
-Used Tivo to watch this while eating pizza THAT WAS DELIVERED TO THE DOOR.
-Visited the old host family.
-Celebrated Children’s Protection Day in the capital where, among other city-wide celebratory efforts, grocery store workers everywhere painted their faces.
-Coinciding with the above, I greeted a pig in a mini-skirt who was very impressed I knew Armenian.  I was very impressed she had a huge pig head.
-Taught the landfamily how to play Sequence (WHICH THEY LOVE).
-Welcomed a soon-to-depart friend for a visit to my town.  Planned a ridiculous amount of food to cook and consume, as PCV’s tend to do.
-Bought a blender for said food ventures.
-Cursed the blender which allowed water to trickle out of the base.
-Watched The Shining.  Did a considerable amount of holding a knife and running around the living room like the terrified Shelley Duvall.
-Woke up at 6am, resolving to take the blender back and spending the next thirty minutes watching the sunrise and playing through scenarios in which I argue with the Armenian shopkeeper.
-Went to the appliance store.  Told them about the dripping.  Was pleasently surprised when they actually gave me money back.
-Got the most incredible letter from my almost-8-years-running penpal.
-Dropped mouth open when I saw it would be 85 by the afternoon.

Uvsyo.  Now to finish writing my triannual report.

Also, look at the gorge by my town!


  1. Are you still going to run with the bulls in Spain?

    1. What are you talking about? That was like three days ago; OR WAS IT?

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