I thought, Hey, why not grow a mustache?  New year, new face.  And it will help me mark the time, will set this month apart from the rest, The Month I Had a Mustache.  It will give me something to do. Etc.

But I swear, if my Armenian coworkers say one more time that
-“That doesn’t suit you.”
-“That’s not handsome.”
-“That looks like a broken brush.”
then I’m going to unload on someone. It’s the first thing they say when they see me in the morning. Seriously.  And as for the whole, it’s-because-they-consider-you-a-friend, I say, well consider my face, a face that is exuding I-can’t-really-deal-with-a-week-of-people-telling-me-I’m-ugly.  And let it grow.

…rassafrassin fragnabbit dadburn idjit….

Now I’m gonna grow handlebars just to spite them.


  1. I’m also going to insult you when I see it. It’s your fault for growing it. :-P

  2. “New year, new face.”

    Awesome. :)

  3. katieleigh

    This is what happened to various guys in Oxford when they decided to stop shaving before the Band of Brothers trip to Austria. Poor Brett Deaton was mercilessly mocked.

    I doubt, however, that your handlebars will match Sam’s. He’s one of a kind.

  4. christine

    HAHA! Please enter that crazy mustache contest. Some guy made a windmill with ocean waves out of his mustache. DREAM BIG.

  5. CintusSuprimus

    Be heartened! If you make a movie I could put you on Facial Hair Friday!

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