slow roll

I was handed a drink the other day with these little eyeballs floating around in the juice.  I wondered where I can find said drink for the upcoming Halloween party.  I mean, look at all the eyeballs!

In totally unrelated news, my mother just pulled out of the driveway.  She called me to tell me she was doing so.  Normally insignificant, this morning’s 4am slow-roll down our sloping cement is her first movement towards Armenia.  Within a collection of mere moments I will be standing face to face with my own mother, bursting at the seams.

I’m hoping to video tape most of her trip here, do what I’d like to call a Kblog (Kim and Brent’s Log) and perhaps you’ll even see it on the interwebs.  But until then, excuse my absence.  I’ll be a bit busy zooming around Armenia with the source of half my self.

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  1. CintusSuprimus

    Ooh I like those eyeballs. They look like the perfect thing for another Indiana Jones party…

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