The Changemakers Award – A Global Voice, A True Identity

The Changemakers Award is an ideas competition for more than 2500 humanitarians around the world who make up the American Refugee Committee. Over 95% of the team at ARC is from the countries, refugee settlements and conflict regions where ARC works.

For five years, I led the creative work that engaged thousands of humanitarians in conflict zones around the world. The contributions of each participant created a collective voice that fundamentally changed the way this global organization understood it’s own identity. 

Global engagement more than doubled every year, soaring 2400% in the first five years. Over every humanitarian sector, and in 7 different languages, Changemaker ideas were created that would help launch new initiatives in places like Sudan, Thailand, Somalia, and Pakistan. And through careful, thoughtful design, the Changemakers Award showed clear breakthroughs for the brand identity of the American Refugee committee as a whole, breakthroughs that would help build the trajectory of a new kind of 21st Century humanitarian organization.

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