HAUS + ARC – “I never in a million years believed I could do something like this.”

When HAUS Salon Owners Charlie Brackney and Jessica Reipke heard that American Refugee staff were helping refugee hairdressers take the lead to protect their communities, the business owners knew their staff and community would be excited to help.

I worked with HAUS Salon and ARC’s Minnesota and Thailand teams to build a new partnership. Collaborating with the ARC Thailand team, I created pathways for impact in the refugee communities along the Thai/Myanmar border. I served as guide to the HAUS Salon team, helping to generate pathways for generosity within their business. Together we raised over $70,000 to help refugee hairdressers.

Then HAUS Salon sent a team of HAUS professionals to train refugee hairdressers in American hairstyling and business strategies. As their guide, I worked with the ARC Thailand team to create space where relationships of deep impact were formed, lives changed on both sides. The entire experience was shared widely with ARC and HAUS audiences via an online journal which you can see at here.

I created this video after their first trip to share with staff, HAUS clients, and donors.


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