Episode 3: My Neighbor Alissa in Minnesota

Hi This is You and Me and Everyone we know, a podcast made by everyday people trying to get through the coronavirus pandemic together. In each episode you’ll hear from regular people sharing what their lives are like… right now. Press play below to hear today’s episode my neighbor, Alissa:

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Today I’m talking to my neighbor, Alissa. That sounds simple enough, even blasé. And last week, it would have been. But now, we’re three blocks away and neither of us really want to get out and go see each other. It’s weird. 

Alissa and I used to work together at Alight, a refugee centered organization based in Minneapolis. We’ve actually traveled the world together, which is crazy to think about right now. Then Alissa and her partner Baraka moved in down the street and we became neighborhood buddies, meeting up at our neighborhood grocery store for a smoothie and some friendly chitter chatter. I’m grateful to have a friend like Alissa who shows up for me when I’m sad and helps me get back to laughing at just the right time. 

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These podcast already feel to me a little like messages in a bottle, tossing them out to sea and hoping you’ll pick them up and hear what’s inside. Right now, you’re here. You’re listening to us. Thank you

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I can’t wait to talk to you. Here’s a bunch of love to everyone out there. We’ll get through this together. 

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