my day keeps going back to cat.

I’m sorry that all my posts seem to be about my cat.  There are more interesting things that happen during my day, I promise.  But she receives the blunt force of my inner turmoil.  Let me see if I can give an example.

Yesterday was downright blizzardy.  I’ve never seen so much snow blowing around.  And in the middle of the deluge, Arman, a guy from my work, and I drove to a village in the far north to see buildings we may possibly renovate for a women’s initiative.  The meeting turned out to be somewhat counterproductive and ended in my getting yelled at by the woman who’s partnering with us.

Frustrated by the afternoon, my dismay brewed on the snowy 1.5 hour drive home.  I was then further perturbed by an exchange over a ride home and a candy bar (something I won’t relate because it makes me look stupid).  Then upon arriving back at the office a Yerevantsi (people from Yerevan sometimes come with an aire of superiority) looked at my ‘Word-of-the-Day’ desk display, and rudely said, “You’re not going to learn Armenian like that.  You at least have to learn 10 words a day.”  To which my emotionally cranked self replied, “Well then I guess I’m just not going to learn Armenian then.”

I arrived home, finally smiling at the sight of my legs disappearing into icy powder.  I got inside, changed my frozen jeans for sweatpants, and then, forced by smell, slipped my shoes over naked feet and headed outside to replace the dirt in Sanity’s poop tray.  The snow quickly found its way into my shoes and down to my toes, and here, I had an epiphany.

This is my life. Here I am, feet wet and freezing, digging in the snow with a tiny bowl, dumping cat poop into an icy hole, digging elsewhere in search of fresh mud to carry back in for the cat to defecate on.

Upon returning inside, I changed pants again and went to cuddle the cat.  She of course merely clawed my hand.  Ungrateful rassafrassin’ idjimtin’ clapsnake.  (That by the way was NOT what I said to her.)  And then I realized that I may never have wound free hands again.  And then I decided that the next day (ie: now) I would write a post about how my cat is a demon.  Which honestly is not true, but you see, I have to keep my head up when it comes to my cross-cultural exchanges.  It would be a mistake to let myself go on and on about my frustrations about business or otherwise cultural exchanges I’m having.  Gotta keep my head up.  So… well… the cat recieves the brunt of my negativity.  (Quite a personal revelation if you take it steps and steps further.)

Still, Sanity better watch her claws, or I’m going to become a dog person.


  1. Hahaha, even after all this time, I can still perfectly imagine your tone when you say, “Well then I guess I’m just not going to learn Armenian then.”

    Sanity will get better. :) Kitty never claws me now!

  2. christine

    Oh, and I just realized I was logged into my idea of a blog with my friend heather when I left that comment. I’m so dumb. It’s still a work in progress and we haven’t told anyone yet.

    i’m such a dodo.

    1. Ooooh… I’m glad you can imagine that… Although… does that mean I spoke in that tone often? Ay kez…. Miss you friend!

  3. I have that thought disturbingly often: this is my life. Sometimes it’s actually difficult to remember how my life was back in the states (though a certain degree of it I have maintained here). I think this is most salient for me when (keeping with the poop theme of this post of yours) I’m trying to flush my toilet and have to think about the best angle as I’m pouring the water to make sure everything actually exits the poop-shelf. After almost a year of living in this apartment, I thought I finally figured out the optimal angle, but then on trying the next time realized I hadn’t figured out anything at all.

    This is my life.

  4. Love this! And I would love to hear about the candy bar perturbation. Life is made of moments like these.

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