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When I started this blog, I had hoped that I would be able to steer clear of typical blogdom. Mostly I mean that I hoped I would subject my posts to a literary standard. It would not be a recepticle into which I would vomit whatever bit of my personality I feel I need to share with the world. But then I read something that makes me want to throw such a standard to the dogs.

So, forget it, I’m giving in because some friends’ recent blog post struck a chord that, well, resonated.

Please go read their original recent post at Lara and the Reel Boy. It reminded me why I really like those two people. And it made me want to share my own list of 6. (I know at LATRB theirs was five, but I want 6. So what?!)

Six what? Well, six monsters I would like to have around. Some would make great pets. Others would be more like great friends. At the end of the post please comment and leave your own list. Or post some to your own blog and let me know. (My literary blogging soul is hating me for this… )

6. Mike Wazowski (Monsters, Inc.)- Look at that stunned face. So comic. I mean, he’s a monster, AND he’s Billy Crystal. You get two in one one-eyed pal! I don’t see how there could be anything wrong with this.

5. Falkor (The Neverending Story, etc.) It’s funny how I think the desire to have my monsters around feels so self-explanatory. In this case I want to say, “Come on! He’s a luckdragon!” Plus, I’ll get to fly from world to world, taunt bullies, find cures for diseases, and if I’m ever flung into the ocean or left dangling on a cliffside, I’ll be saved… “With luck!”

4. Aughra (The Dark Crystal) Sometimes I’ve got a hankering to banter with a cantankerous old lady. So number four was really a dual between Aughra and Morla, the giant sneezing turle from The Never Ending Story. But really, there’s all the doom with Morla, and plus, Morla’s more like a place to hang out at than a person to hang out with. In general, Aughra is much more impressive, what with the embodying of the planet Thra, the ability to control vines and other Thra-types, and reading the universe. Plus I would love to just hear her talk about various apocolypses and say things like, “It’s the Great Conjunction!”

3. E.T. (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial) This I believe is the coolest monster/alien around. He’s the title of my favorite movie. We’d build things, make stuff hover, and do some general healing. And there’s something about the guy that tugs at my spiritual heartstrings. Major downside: He dies = I die.

2. Thing (The Addams Family, etc.) – Thing is everything I could want in a monster pal: good sense of humor, doesn’t mind doing your dishes, likes sports like skateboarding and tennis, and won’t hesitate to save the day. Plus he’s different from the other monters in that there’s no getting around how humanish, severed and undead he is. He’ll make all my friends wriggle.

1. The Muppets- If you know me, you know the following: a)It would be cruel to make me choose one Muppet. b) I actually have always wanted to be a Muppeteer so this makes absolute sense. There is not a Muppet that would make bad company (unless you include Skeksis in the Muppet bunch). Bring on Sesame Street, Muppets Take Manhattan, Muppets in Space. I would play guitar with Kermit, teach with Big Bird, think about the enormity of life with Gonzo, and bring Miss Piggy to my friends’ ANTM parties. My roommates would certainly be Rizzo and Pepe, and in the end I’d poke fun at all of it with Statler and Waldorf. This would be a dream.


  1. Oh, such a great post!!! hmmm my top 6 monsters, let me ponder

    6). Lucario (pokemon)- deffinately my favorite pokemon, plus he is my favorite character on smash bros. Lucario is telekenetic and can throw enery orbs, great body guard.

    5). Momo (Avatar)- Momo is a lemur bat. he has wings and can fly plus he has giant bat ears. Need I say more.

    4). Battle Cat (He-Man)- do I even need to say anything.

    3). Gonzo (muppets)- I dont know why but I have always loved Gonzo. There is something so humble about him and yet so outlandish. He has a character about him I think we all wish we had. He is not afraid of who he is and he is not afraid to fail.

    2). Pegasus (greek myth)- A flying horse who could take you where ever you needed to go. Beyond cool.

    1). Raphael (ninja turles)- My whole life he has been my favorite of all the ninja turtles. He is me with green skin. He could teach me how to use sais, and how to skateboard. Word!

  2. First of all: You can't have ALL the Muppets! That's a cheat!
    Second of all: E.T. would die on earth! Would you want to kill E.T.?!

    But besides that this is a good list. I'm kind of jealous of it.

  3. So I have decided that instead of six monsters I would have 8.
    I would have add cookie monster, my first word as a child was cookie. You do the math.
    I would also have to add chewbacca, that's right a wookie.

  4. BJ and Kim's list:
    6. Herman Munster – Holds a job, does all the driving, totally lets Lily Munster do all the decision making, carries a lunch pail and is super friendly!
    5. Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas – Has a great singing voice and is a snappy dresser.
    4.Miss Eva Ernst / Grand High Witch – not a friendly face but a good leader!
    3.Beetlejuice – what a rascal! Love the hair and crudness
    2. Teen Wolf – Handles change well, drove a fan just like Garrett, can dunk and ends up with the "right" girl.
    1. Sully – Allot like Herman but softer, just trying to do his job and loves the kid! Good hearted!
    Oh and Brent, there is a problem with Mike W. you will never see eye to eye with him. :) Love ya!

  5. Haha, okayokayokay, I'll make my list. This is really important though, so I had to think about it.

    First of all, FALKOR. I recently rewatched The Neverending Story and aside from rekindling my love for it, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING WITH A LUCK DRAGON.

    Secondly, it makes me so sad when Artax dies in the Swamp of Sorrows. Atreyu actually tells him not to give into the sadness. :'(

    Without further ado, my list:

    6. Wish Bear. It was hard to narrow down the Care bears, but she helps make wishes come true! This could be very useful, and also her best friend is A STAR!!

    5. Bigwig from Watership Down. Less a monster, more a bunny. But I like his attitude and his funny little mop of hair. It's really sweet when this tough guy befriend Kehar, so you know he has a soft heart. And he defeats General Woundwort. Overall, he's pretty awesome.

    4. Draco from Dragonheart. He's the last of the dragon's and gave part of his heart so a boy could live. He has a good sense of humor and I can't really copy you with Falkor, so I had to find my own dragon. But I would have found a way around killing him :(

    3. Gossamer, the red looney tunes monster. Despite his whole trying to eat Bugs Bunny thing, doesn't he look -so- fun to hug?! And I needed a legit monster on my list, not some animal variation. But he's wearing tennis shoes, and I could use him like a bean bag for watching movies. No one would EVER mess with me!

    2. Louis de Pointe du Lac. First, Brad Pitt, awesome, second, I have to include a vampire on this list. A legit monster, a growing trend and I absolutely love New Orleans. His angst might get on my nerves sometimes, but luckily, I'm just a mortal and wouldn't die before his bad attitude overcame his good looks, strength and overall French charm.

    1. Pantalaimon. Don't tell me you weren't completely heartbroken when Lyra left in the world of the undead. I thought -my- soul was being ripped away! How amazing to have a daemon, my very own creature, who's generally the voice of reason (good to temper my impulsiveness) but still with you through thick and thin. The ultimate best friend.

    I think I'm going to blog about this now and include pictures and more reasonings.

    This was fun. :)

    I love your number 6 <3

  6. Angela( late nite beading buddy)..
    Well let me think,
    6. Urusala – because Kim told me to. She makes it all real! She hates pretty white girls.
    5. Elmo – he really scares me!!! His voice, his laugh and his fascination with Dorothy (the fish)!!! And the BABY!!!
    4. Miss Piggy – SHe know fashion – THE FIRST LADY OF BLING!!!!
    3.Jack Nicolson- the Shining!! "REDRUM REDRUM REDRUM!!!! And that boy pedaling forever on that scary ass carpet!!!
    2. Stefano DiMera – that man just makes me sick!!!! But I do wish I had his power and money! LOL
    1. Sully- he is so sweet with BOO! I would want him to protect me.

  7. Sarah M. (age 5)& Lauren (age 6) say…
    6. The Grinch – he is too mean.
    5. Big Scary TRex from Dinosaur
    4. Evil Mouse King from Barbie and the Nutcracker b/c Sarah is scared of him!!!
    3. Organa – Ursula's CRAZYYYYYYY sister!! She is ten times worse than Ursala.
    2. Tom – from Tom & Jerry.He makes Jerry sad.
    1. Barney – the biggest purple dinosaur anyone would love!

  8. Stephen M.'s top 6 cause we made him
    6. Jason – because he one crazy mofo
    5. Freddie Kruger – he one mean ….
    Frankenstein – he one tall ….
    4. Werewolf – he one hairy ….
    3. SwampThing – he one scaly ….
    2. Predator – he make me crap my pants ….
    1. Stripe – aka mohawk gremlin – he one tiny scary ….

  9. 1. My top favorite monster is Herman Munster from the munters tv show, because it brings back old memories of when I was young.
    2. Jacks favorite monster is the Monster Energy drink. Preferably the green one.
    3. the Fouke monster is Craigs favorite because its a legendary bigfoot that lives by his grandmothers house. See the movie "Legend of Boggy Creek".
    4. Casper cause he's so friendly.
    5. The zombies collectively from the "living Dead" movies. Who doesn't like zombies!
    6. The blob-like monster from an old BW movie that would reach out with its tentacles and suck the bones out of you. Don't know its name and I don't care to. I remember the "whwhwhwhewwww" sound it would make.


  10. Last second add-on!

    Nanete's all-time favorite monster is the "Sister Monster". You would never know which sister was crawling up which side of the bed under the covers! Way too creepy!

  11. katieleigh

    I just saw this – how totally hilarious. I haven't thought it through as much as you have (clearly), but I, too, LOVE the Muppets – and would love to have them all around, all the time.

    Oh, and I love Chewbacca too. :)

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