Episode 11: A Mom Returning Home, a Cyber Security Contractor and a Leather Kween — Kristina, Stephanie and Chewey

You and Me and Everyone We Know is an audio diary made by everyday people living through the Covid-19 pandemic. In today’s episode, Kristina from Episode 2 updates us on her family’s 24-hour decision to return home from Germany to South Dakota. We also talk about backyard chickens and how thirsty someone can get in coronavirus isolation. Press play to listen to the latest episode! Press play below to listen to the latest episode (or find it on Apple Podcasts and Spotify):

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In the first part of this episode we’re talking to Kristina. You might remember her from the second episode of this podcast. Kristina, her husband and their daughter moved to Germany for work last summer. Their daughter, Imogen, was sick at the time we recorded the first interview. We talked again on March 30. By then, Imogen was fine. Kristina and her family had already left Germany. They’d decided to leave on a Friday when it became clear that they might not be able to come home for a long time because of Covid-19. When we talked, they were quarantining themselves at Kristina’s mom’s house in South Dakota. Kristina’s mom was upstairs but they hadn’t even hugged since she’d come home… 

In the second part of this episode we’re talking to Stephanie. Stephanie and I met in college, and now she lives with her family in Dallas. She works in national defense at a cyber security firm.  We hadn’t talked since our college days, and it became clear in our conversation that she’s such a family woman. She loves her husband, her step-kids, and her dogs who you can sometimes hear in the background. And she has a special love for nearly a dozen chickens that have helped her support her neighbors during the pandemic…

In the last part of this episode we’re talking to Chewey. Chewey and I lived near each other in Armenia when both of us were Peace Corps volunteers ten years ago. Now, he lives in DC with his adorable dog named copper. Like most of us he’s working from home, and he takes breaks on his stoop which provides incredible scenery for these trying pandemic days… 

Here’s some of the things we talked about in this episode:

-Having dinner together but 6 feet away
-Stoop sitting
-Thirst traps
The Nancy podcast
-Kid drag queens (and their awesome parents)
Schitt’s Creek
-Kids of queer parents
-Staying thirsty
-Washington, D.C.
-Packing up your apartment to leave the country
-Staying away from grandparents
-South Dakota
-Cyber Security
-More people out walking
The Walking Dead
-Family dinners
-Fancying things up
-New Family Traditions
-Suburban chickens
-Predicting the surge in backyard homesteading
-Flying into the United States right now
-Airport differences during the pandemic

Thank you for listening. 

And thank you to Chewey, Stephanie and Kristina for coming on the podcast and for connecting with all of us. 

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