Episode 7: Larissa Loden in Minneapolis and Amalia in LA.

This is You and Me and Everyone We Know, an audio diary of the coronavirus pandemic. We are making this together. Whether you are listening right now or you are a guest on this podcast, you are part of a community. You are not alone. Press play below to hear today’s episode with Larissa Loden and Amalia Nicholson:

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Larissa and Amalia share their story of living in coronavirus isolation

In this episode we’re talking to two people. First up is Larissa Loden, a jewelry designer and business owner in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In our conversation we cover ways her company is reaching out to their community with inspiration and joy, and how she’s doing as a mom of a young babe. And we talk memes. And the importance of bubbles at a time like this. 

In the second half of the show, we’re talking to Amalia Nicholson, a producer in Los Angeles who’s new hashtag #OOTDistancing is inspiring us all to  get dressed up fancy while we’re staying home. In that convo we talk RuPaul, FaceTime Dinner Parties, and what we’re watching on TV during isolation.

Thanks for listening! And thank you Larissa and Amalia for connecting with me and sharing your story. If you like me, need inspiration and if you want to be the first to know when Larissa Loden’s jewelry kits come out (because they’re going to be AMAZING), go to larissaloden.com and follow her on Instagram @larissaloden. And if you need some inspiration to get out of bed, get dressed and take care of your community, you can find Amalia @amalianicholson

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