Episode 2: Kristina in Germany

Hi friends! I’m working on a podcast from my own little corner of the world during coronavirus isolation. So, while we’re here, let’s talk! About anything. And everything. These are the voices of everyday people getting through this pandemic. Together. Press play to listen to the latest episode with Kristina in Germany :

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Kristina in Germany! Listen to her podcast above!

This podcast is You and Me and Everyone We Know, and through it we’re making connections during this time of coronavirus isolation.  Right now I’m in self-isolation with my kids. So, I decided that everyday I will make sure to connect to one kind friend or stranger, get a little update on their life, how their dealing with all there is to deal with, and how they’re keeping calm and hopeful.

Yesterday I talked with Kristina. My husband and I met Kristina and her husband Michael when we both enrolled our daughters in daycare. At that point our girls were barely scooting on the floor. Now they’re some of our best friends in our city, and last summer, Michael got an amazing job in Germany. The three of them were in Germany soon after the Minnesota State Fair. The last time I saw Kristina we were eating corn dogs and watching our girls marvel at the baby cows and pigs in the Miracle of Life Barn. 

I miss them. And right now the three of them are in isolation in a small town so far away from their childhood homes. Yesterday when I put out the call on Facebook to see if anyone would come on this podcast with me, Kristina was the first. We jumped on the phone right away. 

Thanks for listening! If you think someone you know might feel comforted by hearing from regular people about what this is like for them, please share this podcast with them. And if you’d like to talk to someone and share what’s happening in your corner of the world, you can message me here or send me a direct message on Instagram @heybrentlove.

I can’t wait to talk to you. Here’s a bunch of love to everyone out there. We’ll get through this together. 

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