knee, nuptials, and no snow

Knee news: Despite percolating for a while and sleeping in a tiny white room at the Peace Corps office for a few nights, the knee is a mystery.  Nothing torn or damaged according to the MRI.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having intact cartilage and whole ligaments.  You only get two legs in this life, and I’m not eager to have anyone trimming away at my knee parts.  Final outcome: take some ibuprofen so the swelling will go down.  Wait to see if my knee spazzes out again.  Go see an ortho specialist in the States.  Here’s to avoiding another episode of being laid up for days.  Cheers.


I’m fairly certain that THIS is one of my favorite things on the internet.  I am in no way close to marriage, but I went to school with the two at Two Pair, spent many a night eating Sharky’s and watching America’s Next Top Model in their living room, and now I frequent their blog.  It’s not that I’m terribly into romance.  And it’s not so much that I admire their artistic skill, although it’s wonderful.  The truth is that these wedding/engagement/family photos are done in a way that make me want to be the people in the pictures.  I just hope that when I DO get married they aren’t so famous that I can’t afford them.


I saw this in Yerevan a little while ago.  The taxi driver didn’t even know I was watching.


If you want to see my beard, it’s over here.  And you should save the date, too.


Yesterday I hung out my clothes to dry.  They didn’t freeze!  Not a single icicle. And the last few days have been a mostly sunny 24 degrees!  I keep waiting for last year’s dreary, low-grey winter days. But the sun is shining, and the tank is clean.  I’m looking at less than six months left in this country, and that time is looking pretty good.


  1. Christine

    1) KNEE OUCHIES. :( I hope it’s okay.
    2) AW. <3
    3) lol @ the taxi
    4) BRR! It sounds so cold there :\
    5) 6 months will fly by then I think we're way overdue for a reunion of brento & chris doug. way. way. way. overdue.

  2. Those two photographed my sister’s wedding. Great work.

  3. Where do you go next? Those final six months will fly past…

    1. I’m not sure yet! I’m trying now to just hold on to the fleeting days. Oy…

  4. I hope your knee gets fixed, although it might be kind of cool to be That Guy with the Bum Knee Who Writes Awesome Things and Does Even More Awesome Things.

    Okay. We’ll work on the nickname.

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