i’m still here in all of the winter goodness

I was supposed to be laid up with knee holes right now, but I’m still here because PC HQ pushed back my surgery.  This makes me lucky in some ways.  For instance, the winter’s biggest snow fell on the day I was scheduled to travel to the capital.  Not only did I not have to brave the feet-deep-buried roads, but I got to see my town covered in a thick layer of snow.  There is nothing like the feeling of waking up on a sunny morning to pillows of glittering snow trying to peek into your windows.  I’ve said it before.  It’s magical.

For the record, the best shoveling chore in the world title goes to shoveling snow.  The soft powder is so light, flies away, and gives you a satisfying crunch when you did in.  What could be better?  Perhaps shoveling marshmallows… maybe.

Here’s a look at the magic of winter.  The first four are simply around my yard, and the rest are from a visit to the nearby 11th century fortress and settlement during my friends’ visit right after the New Year.  Winter is pretty incredible.

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