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-There are critters living with me.  I hear tiny toenail scrapes in the walls some nights.  There’s a poster in a plastic bag under the chair-that-is-my-bedstand.  Again last night I heard it crinkle.  I turned on the reading lamp, flipped over, slapped on my glasses and saw nothing.  I heard it again and imagined that Lady and the Tramp rat crawling much to close to my head.  I did the Ah-Hell-No jolt out of bed again to find nothing.  I decided to dim the reading light and watch. Yes, my reading light dims… I have mood lighting.  This, however, is the first time I’ve used it.  Needed the right kind of light for that Catch The Rat mood.  However, what I caught was a fluttering moth.  I pinned it with the fly swatter I keep on the bedstand, and I threw it to Charlotte, the spider that lives between my bed’s headboard and the wall (somehow Charlotte’s and my teamwork attitude, our I-hate-bugs-you-eat-bugs partnership, cancels out her creepiness).  Oh, bedside critters.

-I shouldn’t be laughing so hard at this little youtube virus inspired by this piece of news (WATCH THIS FIRST).  I know that an attempted rape isn’t funny.  IT IS NOT FUNNY.   It’s just that crazy Antoine, the language he uses to express his rage, and then to combine that with the genius of auto-tuning the news, I mean, how can I not guffaw at the over-raged face singing to the attempted rapist that he’s “so dumb…really really dumb, for real,” then waving that silver thing at the camera.  Reminds me of those times I got spit-fire mad at my mother, and right in the middle of my tirade she’d just start laughing, increasing my rage which increased her laughing.  I cannot stop this song from playing in my head. Is there something wrong with me?  (Research shows: Antoine and his family actually love the song and are using it as their ringtones.  Antoine was consulted before he was auto-tuned, and now he’s using his flashfame to help rape survivors and hopefully get his family a house.  You can run and tell that.)

-I should give credit to The Hoot for this kind of blog post format.  Thanks, Annie.

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  1. Credit schmedit. You’re awesome. :)

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