I am right now that (hopefully) forgivable blogger cliche, the writer who pledges to write and disappears from the web. I haven’t written in two months. You haven’t met my Minnesota friends. You haven’t experienced the coming winter. You didn’t come with me to get lost in that small town corn maze or stare wide-eyed with my sister and I at the crazy screamers throwing rice into the air at the midnight showing of Rocky Horror. You missed a lot. I’m sorry.

I take walks often around the lake by my building. I don’t remember ever seeing a lake frozen over. Today I threw a rock out onto the ice to see if it would crack. It merely bounced a bit and then skidded out onto the hard surface. There are a number of these rocks. And in the photo below you can see footsteps where someone tested the ice with their own weight during last weeks snow. I hear I’ll see ice skaters soon.

Winter is magic sometimes.


  1. i was just wondering about your recently and how you were faring in MN.

    hope you blog/update soon, when you can and when you feel like it.

  2. i have never seen a frozen lake bubby! it must be amazing! can’t wait till you get here :D

  3. I heard someone say once, “Magic is a little closer to the surface in the snow,” which is exactly right. Glad to hear you’re as enthralled as I am!

    Also, we must reunite in the New Year. MUST!

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