I Made A Podcast About Surrogacy

I had no idea. I mean, when you’re building your family with the help of a surrogate, you learn a lot of things. You learn some things about IVF and legal parentage. You learn that there are about one zillion appointments and forms and people to call and bills… oh, bills.

But Lorde, I had no idea about everything a surrogate goes through to help someone(s) build the family of their dreams. That is, until I started listening to not just my surrogate, but many incredible women who’ve helped families like mine bring our beautiful babies into the world.

I started a podcast with the team at Hope Surrogacy. Now, every two weeks, you can listen in as I sit down to talk with a surrogate as she share’s everything – why she thought of taking on this challenge, what it what it was like to get her body ready to carry someone else’s baby. She shares the magic of birth and what it feels like the moment she hands that baby into the arms of it’s parents.

You can actually just press play right here and listen to the episode that came out today. And you can subscribe by clicking here or heading to iTunes.

I knew the stories they shared would be incredible. But honestly, I had no idea what it would be like to sit across from these women. Each of them are everyday moms, women who get up, get to work, make lunches and dinners and coach their kids little league and cuddle up with their families on movie nights and make halloween costumes and run through the grocery store on their way home from work or a playdate or a parent-teacher conference.

Meet a surrogate

You could meet a surrogate on the street and never know that she did this incredible, magnificent thing.

And it is incredible. It’s a Mount Everest of generosity – few people ever consider doing it, and even fewer take it on step after step.

For the first season I talked to seven women who have all been surrogates. I sat in awe during every conversation. You can, too.

Listen here. Subscribe here and on iTunes.

And to every woman who thinks they can give of their own bodies to create life and love for parents who can’t carry their own children… you are my absolute heroes. (Most especially you, J. <3 )

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