i been around

A couple of posts ago I wrote about a time here in Armenia when I didn’t even have a flashlight-wielding friend to stare down into my sickly gullet.

Times have changed.  I have said a good number of times how wonderful are the Armenian compadres that surround me, my nkerutsyun, my akhberutsyun, my harevanutsyun.

However, the last couple of weeks have cemented some expat friendships of mine through the All Volunteer Conference in the capital and multiple visits to Casa Fulbright and multiple visits from My Favorite Europeans (ere known as The Europeans much to their amusement).

So, I haven’t been around the blogosphere all that much.  I’ve been doing stuff like brushing my teeth in Yerevan:

Or playing Settlers in the cottage:

Of course, right before the mentioned conference, Thanksgiving passed.  I woke up why-god-why early to meet these incredible gems for a game of pilgrim dice over Skype:

And in answer to my I’m-a-late-bird sentiment, I was rewarded with an entirely pink town, all of which for about twenty minutes looked like this:

So, you know, sorry for not being around.  But I got things, you know.  So, forgive the lapse.  In the weeks long gap I hope you’ve read something else really wonderful like maybe the 2011 Celebrity Death Watch, or the tub lady’s cat hiding bit (sorry… can’t resist calling someone ‘the tub lady’), or watched the most charming I’m-Back-to-Blog video, or read back entries of the girl in the literal glass house, or used one eye to look at Armenia and the other to look at Austin over there.

I know I haven’t written, but I still read!  We all got needs, people.

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