Heading Out

photo by Brent Hines, Kigeme Refugee Camp, Rwanda


I’m getting ready to head out again. Before a trip I alternate between being anxious to see friends and being alone and thoughtful. I try to see lots of people and store up tiny moments to carry around with me in strange places.

But tonight I am alone and I am quiet, dreaming a bit, wishing a bit, remembering the people I’ve met. Remembering the last time I was in Kigeme refugee camp and that Congolese family laughed down at me when when I asked to take their picture. I laughed, too. It is absurd after all to try to capture that moment when strange meets strange meets strange, the moment where you see with clarity how wonderfully absurd it is that we are at all different or at all the same.

I’m headed to more of that, looking to see how many more times I can meet new people and meet myself along with them.

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  1. pinkpowerlink

    Happy travels, and blessings of safety and accomplishment!
    P.s. I am thrilled you are blogging again :)

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