Haiku – A Practice in Noticing

Last year around this time, I was at the On Being Gathering. I was spiritually diving with a group of strangers. I was deeply moved.

I looked through my journal from that time and found haikus. John Paul Lederach said from the stage that he has a practice of writing haikus. He counts the syllables on his fingers while he goes from place to place. Occasionally he writes them down. He shared a few of his, and encouraged us to write our own.

I wrote them. I’m kind of delighted by them. Writing a haiku feels like skipping stones on a river. Aim just right and it hops and skips, heavy things turned lights as air, water holding up the rocks. So, in the tiniest little looking back to that life-changing weekend, here they are, the haikus I wrote after John Paul said to. Will you please write a haiku, too?

haiku stones

In you I met me,
Your face a mirror of mine.
You were always us.

Two new friends I made
Each gave me half their sandwich.
Thank you. I am full.

Plant love with your soles.
Hug a tree and hold your friend.
Witness her flying.

Writing these things down,
Trying to hold wind with hands.
Breathe. You are the wind.


  1. Brent, as I re-read this post this morning, I am lifted by your writing. In itself, it has a lyrical quality. Together with your ongoing content, it gives me a picture of a strong person, making his way in the world the very best way he knows how. I look forward to the next post.

    1. That is very kind, Diane! Thank you!!! <3

  2. I love these poems, Brent!

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