frozen blurbs

  • It’s hovering around -1 degrees Farenheit right now.  It was so cold this morning that the moisture from me breath was freezing my mustache.  And the condensation that gathered last night on the livingroom windows was frozen solid this morning.  And I almost lost fingers trying to take this picture of the tree outside my house.
  • I had this exchange this morning (in Armenian) while Alvart, our cleaning cook, was preparing food for our Social Worker Training:
    Me: Alvart, how are you?
    Alvart: I’m working like a donkey.
    Me: But a pretty donkey, right?
    … then later Alvart and I had a snow fight.
  • I think me and cat need relationship counseling.
  • I finally get the idea of “Spring Cleaning”.  I just never understood it before.  I’d ask myself, ‘Why not Winter Wash-up or Fall Free-From-Dirt.  But now I can’t wait for Spring Cleaning.  My synapses went like this: –Gosh things seem kind of damp and grimy in here.—>I really need to clean. —>  It will be so much nicer and easier to clean, open the windows, air out everything, wash it all to the nines, when the spring is here. —> Oooooooh…
  • I can still eat an entire can of refried beans by myself in one sitting.  Thanks for the can, Mom!


  1. What???What???? Did I just read what I think I read? You are actually craving spring cleaning????????????????????? Wait I should read it again, surely there is hidden meaning in your words. This from a my son who would rather do anything than clean. Well given your options these days it is no wonder you are craving a sunny slightly warm day to open the windows and clean. Ahhhhh the smell of sunshine and Mr. Clean. Love you!

  2. […] been more excited about a season in my life.  Snow has melted.  I got up at nine this morning and cleaned everything.  I pulled up the lumpy wool mattress and took them to the sun.  I swept and mopped.  I hand […]

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