I Bought a Bell

I’m still thinking every day about the On Being Gathering and the conversations I had with 500 strangers in the California woods. Here’s something a mom said in a talking circle on spirituality and kids – “I wish I had more rituals. I am not religious, but I wish I had more spiritual rituals to share with my kids.” I wish that, too. I grew up in a southern Church of Christ, and the last place I practiced Christianity was an Episcopal church in West Texas. I adored it. In those last years, as a Christian, I wasn’t big on…


At an Artik church built back in the seventh century, I found this artifact. I don’t think it was mashed into the dirt 1400 years ago. It’s cartoony, trashy, somehow made me giggle. Reminded me of anime characters thrusting their peace signs forward, all bright, over guestured, winking. But from the dirt.