Changemakers Worldwide

Years and years of Changemakers at the American Refugee Committee elevated a new sense of brand and common purpose among the ARC community worldwide. Made from footage shot in 7 countries and 16 locations, I created this video to capture the humanitarian spirit emerging among the ARC global community and their renewed commitment to the idea that change is possible for everyone, everywhere.

A Digital Somali Community

I Am A Star is a platfrom co-created by the American Refugee Commitee, the design firm IDEO, and the Somali Diaspora. I Am A Star brings together everyday people from around the world to create a humanitarian response to crises in Somalia with the Somali Diaspora leading the way. Launched in 2011 during the famine, ARC was awarded the 2012 Drucker Prize for Social Innovation for the I Am A Star platform. During this time, I led the creation of I Am A Star’s digital community, building an online platform that brought together everyday people from more than 70 countries…


When HAUS Salon Owners Charlie Brackney and Jessica Reipke heard that American Refugee staff were helping refugee hairdressers take the lead to protect their communities, the business owners knew their staff and community would be excited to help. I worked with HAUS Salon and ARC’s Minnesota and Thailand teams to build a new partnership. Collaborating with the ARC Thailand team, I created pathways for impact in the refugee communities along the Thai/Myanmar border. I served as guide to the HAUS Salon team, helping to generate pathways for generosity within their business. Together we raised over $70,000 to help refugee hairdressers….

Changemakers 365

Changemakers 365 is a project of the American Refugee Committee with a commitment to do the doable every day, even in the most challenging environments in the world. Stories of Changemakers 365 are shared globally every day. Through Changemakers 365, the team at ARC is committed to one doable project each day in the humanitarian communities where ARC works. One day a project might be restoring the ceiling of health center in the world’s newest refugee settlement. Another day it might be distributing midwife kits to hospital staff so they can deliver babies at night without electricity. Whatever the project,…

The Changemakers Award

The Changemakers Award is an ideas competition for more than 2500 humanitarians around the world who make up the American Refugee Committee. Over 95% of the team at ARC is from the countries, refugee settlements and conflict regions where ARC works. For five years, I led the creative work that engaged thousands of humanitarians in conflict zones around the world to submit their ideas for creating better work for the people ARC serves.  Global engagement more than doubled every year, soaring 2400% in the first five years. Over every humanitarian sector, and in 7 different languages, Changemaker ideas were created…