bill nye for adults, daisies, more puppy photos, etc.

You know when you email someone you haven’t seen in a while, and you have one million things to say.  You end up writing something that sounds so disjointed but filled with all the things you would try to bring up in conversation when you saw them.  This is one of those kinds of emails, to you.

1. The Clooker should NOT hack up a lougie in front of my window. So we’re clear.

2. I just read/listened to this interview done by an Armenian newsite with one of my fellow PCV’s. It’s wonderful and makes me wonder what I would say about living in my little town.  But if you read this often, you know that interview would likely include the landfamily, the water schedule, head-cheese, Sanity and the Chicken, and something on chocolate-chip cookies.

3. I’ve been cooking. Not only am I eating so many bean burritos I could shoot myself to the moon (too much?), but I am perfecting a pasta sauce that is currently ranking “Fairly Delicious”.  I’m hoping to reach “Damn Good” by the end of the summer.

4. I’ve been hiking. I told you this already, actually, but I say it again to say that I’ve got some killer pics of the surprisingly-photogenic Spring Chicken.  Once you finish reading, feel free to slide into a that-is-just-too-adorable trance.

5. I’ve been listening to Radiolab. Y’all, this is Bill Nye, the Science Guy for adults.  I generally clean or cook while listening to this podcast, and almost always have to stop and collect my jaw that’s  dropped on the floor.  I just finished the latest “Famous Tumors” and despite being totally freaked out by the Tasmanian devil face tumor that is a CONTAGIOUS CANCER, I kept listening and almost wept by the end of the tumor story that led to all-together touching moment with the daughter of Henrietta Lacks, the woman who’s tumor cells provided the basis of a cure for polio, the first cell cloning, and an unbelievable amount of research into EVERY DISEASE EVER.   When you can start by totally grossing/freaking me out and end with me having to sit down to collect my emotions, you are one of my favorite things.  (If you really do check this out, please listen to “Lucy”.  Blew. My. Mind.)

6. I’ve been taking pictures. See:

From left: SC, Gita (landsister), Kristi (neighbor), Meri (landsister)
All of the above: adorable.  And the youngest, Gita, is the least afraid of the puppy.  She carts her around, reminiscent of a tiny cousin of mine.

From left: Davit, Liana, Arman
All of the above: coworkers, counterparts and three major reasons why my life in Armenia is awesome.

The beginning of a good hike. Please note the abandoned bus of that previous hiking post (linked above).

And now, what you’ve really been wanting, the puppy photos, because really, Spring Chicken bounding through daisies at dusk = GOLD.

The Chicken surveys the area.  (Please note: I have never seen so many daisies in my entire life.)

The Chicken bounds.

The Chicken bounds again.  And stretches out her tongue some more.

The Chicken is tuckered out.

The Chicken contemplates life.  Also daisies.

The Chicken wants you to know she loves you.



  1. katieleigh

    CUTE puppy photos. And your little landsisters are adorable.

  2. Jennifer

    Brent! I have really enjoyed reading your blogs. You are such a talented writer, it feels like i can see you and what’s going on. I think Roman and Spring Chicken will get along great! She looks so cute and playful. I’m glad you are getting to hike in God’s beautiful creation! Thank you for my late birthday wishes, I listened to that Stand on the Rock song that day you sent me the message and it was great! I always think of you when i listen to that song and do the motions of “pain” “love-love” and “knock-knock-knock”. Continue doing great things and enjoying the experience. Love you!

  3. You are such a creative writer! does it just flow naturally? or do you have to think about it twice before you write it down? your puppy is adorable, and it looks beautiful there. Love reading about your adventures. i’m living vicariously through you :-)

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