Bieber is rocking ‘The Brent’ (Alt. Title: ‘… … Lame …’)

I have not posted in April, and April is just about finished. This is a crime.  I’m certain your life has gone on without me.  I get that.  However, I like writing, and I came to this blog to do it.

I offer this feeble defense. I have not been writing because my life is in a whirlwind.  (Inner voice: “… … LAME … “) I promise to find some equilibrium soon. And I tend to lean on a quote Elisabeth Gilbert delivers in Eat Pray Love: “You can let yourself off the hook any time you want.” I’m letting myself off the hook.

In the meantime, I did want to tell you this: I had great hair before I left for Armenia.  I’d get lots of compliments.  “What a coif!” they’d say.

Now: “You have Bieber hair.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Bieber. Justin Bieber. You have his haircut.”

To be fair:

my do
his do

I got this multiple times in D.C. Justin Bieber didn’t exist before I left the country.  Then I come back, and he’s appropriated my hair style.  There’s no arguing this point of course because once I offer this bit of pride, I have entered an argument with a 12(?) year-old worth billions(?) who will not be arguing back.

Still, I’m holding my ground.  I do not have ‘The Bieber’.  I have a hair style I like, one I will be wearing for a long time.  And when VH1 does it’s Where Is Their Hair-Do Now? it will be right here.

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