back from the the turkish coast

I have returned from the big country to the tiny country with a million thoughts in mind.

This morning I was asked what the weather was like in Turkey.  “So nice and sunny,”  I said.
“It’s sunny here,” my friend replied.
“Yes,” I said, “but I think the sun is frozen.”

It’s cold, and upon returning to Armenia, I have one.  A cold, that is.  So, combining that and the fact that I am having trouble getting photos off my camera, I believe it will be a couple days before you see or read anything in the form of recap.  *COUGH HACK and NOSE-BLOW*

However, here’s two things:

1. Our Little Drifters project was featured on BOOOOOOOM.  You may know that I love this site, so getting featured for some work we’re doing here made my sickly little day.

2. Ok, I can’t totally hold back.  Here’s a little Turkey teaser:


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  1. send me that pic of me sarah and osman, and any others you have from that day!

    i miss you and sarah and armenia and turkey!

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