any minute now

I should be asleep.  I’ll be waking up tomorrow at a very early hour, one I’d call unholy except that what could be more holy than a reunion?  I’m not even sure I can sleep because… wait for it…

… the reunion is starting in just a few hours.

See that friendship displayed above.  That is pure, unadulterated love there, captured in digital form the last time Kelly, Sarah and I were together.  That was Texas.  This time we’re doing things Eurasia style.

First things first, this one…

… is landing in a matter of hours.  HOURS.  This friend who travelled with me through Europe, who taught me to knit, who didn’t know what spooning was that one time when we all slept in the parking lot downtown, who, when we pulled over on main street at midnight to dance to “Thriller”, climbed up on my spare tire to play the part of the menacing voice, who in a park in Berlin let us bury her in plate-size fallen leaves, THAT friend is going to be here with me in Armenia tomorrow.

We’re going to eat good food, dance to everything, and talk late into the night.  We’re going to walk out to the ravine and soak up my small town in the fall.

Then we’re through some combination of vehicles, we’re going to be seeing this one…

… in Turkey.  Yes, the country, not the bird.  This one who, after meeting her for the first time told my hippy, peace-love-bean-burritos self that she was studying business to make money and I better be ok with that, but who only last month finished her Peace Corps service in Bulgaria.  I used to hang out at her apartment with my roommate and hers.  She’d come home from waitressing at that Mexican place, and I’d tease her about smelling all sexy and enchilada-like.  We used to go to the Episcopal Church together, both of us taking comfort in the ritual of the service, and the ritual of eating Taco Bueno together afterward.

The three of us will be missing a lot of our friends, likely sharing those little bits we  might know about who’s where, when’s their wedding, why she’s living in that city now.  We’ll probably talk about Sarah’s engagement, Kelly’s cheffing, my Armenia-ing.

One of our last days together in Abilene we went to get snow cones…

I can say that each of us knew that with Sarah going off to Peace Corps we wouldn’t be together again very soon.  There’d be worlds and borders and years between us.

But, y’all, we ARE going to be together. Any minute now.


  1. i had the pleasure of lounging with the lovely lady kelly the night before the flight and heard pretty much the exact same story and excitement from her! i have to say both of you have rubbed off your excitement on to me, haha (i guess it just makes me happy when i know people who are able to keep their friendship so alive and kicking?)

  2. CintusSuprimus

    Oh that green comforter from Oxford…
    I’m glad you all had a wonderful time together. I’m only slightly jealous.

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