Yesterday, a nardi demonstration by my landfather showing that even after two years, he can kick my nardi butt.

And this morning, I battled the army of ants living in my door. Ok, fine, my landmom battled them. But she used MY bottle of khandzori katsakh (apple vinegar), and that counts for something, right? She laughed at how I freaked out at their swarming from the door frame, how my feet were dancing all over them, trying to stop their advance into my living room.

“It’s the weather, Brent,” she says. “Give me your broom. We’ll sweep them out.”

“I don’t want them swept. I want them dead.”

Giggles. “Just pour some vinegar on them. They run from the smell.”

She was right, of course. And now, I’m headed to the store to buy a months supply of apple vinegar. Later, there will be lighting of incense to cover the smell of my door frame pickling.

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