a european in flight

Not sick not sick not sick not sick not siiiiiiiiiick!   Urakh!  I’m so so glad that my tonsils and I are back on good terms.  They’re still holding on just a tiny bit to their grudge, but I think we’ve come to an understanding.  Yesterday’s headache, induced by a couple weeks of tense swallowing (is that a thing?), threatened to incapacitate me, but a solid nap complete with a dream about a real-life, Latin American Ghost Whisperer episode (complete with JLH!), is exactly what the doctor ordered.  That and some solid time with the soon-to-leave European, An.

An, Kristine and I became friends last summer after some quality hang outs in gorges and along creeks and in my tiny house making tastey food.  As two of The Europeans, they laugh at my label for them and their fellow European Volunteer Service (EVS) cohorts.

An came up to my town a couple of days ago to prepare and implement  science education projects in a couple of villages.  Wednesday night found us at my office until past midnight trying to light up an LED with a potato and making raisins dance in a cup.  Yesterday, on our way to the office we both stopped in the 12 degree weather to photograph the winter wonderland that was just outside my door.

Tonight I’m headed to her and Kristine’s going away party. I am really going to miss these two.  Despite living an hour away, they have every so often made their way into my life through projects or nights in playing Sabotuer or Durak.  I’m pretty sure Europe shouldn’t get them back.  I think both of them should move back to Texas with me.  Come on, how can you resist Tex Mex and rodeos and SXSW and ME?

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