Staying Afloat in a Tough Week


So, it’s been a tough week. Here are my spiritual bouys, a few things that are keeping me afloat:

-Our day school for our baby girl has been so flexible with us, offering more hours to help us deal with the raging cats. Seeing our baby girl happy at every drop off, especially in this great weather, has been a soul-healing balm. This morning I sat her in the outdoor stroller next to her baby friend. They touched each other’s faces. My girl looked up at me and smiled.

-I’ve been working on new spiritual rituals at home. Update: the bell totally works.

-Yesterday, after dropping my girl off at day school, on the way to wrangle urine-covered house cat off to the vet, I saw a man walking at a cross walk. He wasn’t looking great. Mussed hair. Scraggly beard. Unkempt clothes. Grimace. He looked like he was having a tough day. Then I saw in his hands two giant cups from the Super America with two straws still in their paper wrappers. My thoughts of him changed seeing those two large drinks. There he was, a man on his way back from the gas station with a sweet treat for himself and for someone he cares about – a friend, a pal, or maybe a great love. He was heading to someone, and he was bearing gifts.


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