Things you can do one-handed while holding your baby.

So my husband is back to work today, and me and baby girl are at home. It’s our first day back, and she wants to be held and held and held some more.

Meanwhile dishes are by the sink, suitcases still packed and by the door, laundry on the basement floor, and plants that haven’t been watered are waving their sagging leaves at me for help.

I am hoping her nap time will be hands-free after her post-travel stress dissipates, but until then, I have decided to compile a list of Things You Can Do One-Handed While Holding Your Baby.


(Besides taking selfies with her, which is a given, amirite?)

1. Write this blog post – it took me 57 minutes. I timed it. Not bad really. Seems I’ve got a pretty fast-typing thumb. #themoreyouknow

2. Learn a new skill – I’m finding this video on how to wear a Boba wrap particularly timely. What other skills do I need to learn? I’ve got time.

3. Work on her baby book. – If you’ve seen me in the last few months you’ve probably heard me rave about how great the Day One app is for making a baby book. I’ve had some problems printing, but I am loving how easy it is to store memories. I have almost 250 entries from our surrogacy and these first nearly three months (whoa! Time flying here, people!!!)

Here’s a screenshot from one of the Baby Book entries in Texas:

4. Send a postcard. – I’ve returned to the app TouchNote for sending postcards. For $1.67 you can choose a photo from your phone and send it to someone you love (or just like, I guess). You can write a note on the back, and after you put in the address, they print it and send it to your sweet whoever. Some of my family aren’t as frequent to social media, so this is perfect to spread a little family cheer. I dropped this sweet photo on a card to my Paw Paw in Louisiana. I’ll keep sending out more as she grows!

5. The most obvious, of course: Cuddle this sweet baby! – I keep telling myself not to get too caught up in productivity. Trying to repeat a mantra – Enjoy this time. Enjoy these moments. I do. And when my brain is fried, I thank the gods for technology that lets me get a few things done with my own one hand.

PS. Parents (or non-parents), when you’ve got a baby in one hand and you’re feeling the productivity itch, what do YOU do??? Please share in the comments. Seriously! I need more ideas.


  1. You can sew. I did with John, also cook. It does take some eye to hand coordination,tho.Haha

    1. Oh I love that. I can just imagine you sewing one handed!!!!!

  2. Shop. Shop. Shop. Amazon is my friend. Also, get that list of projects done around the house by researching DIY online–amazing what you learn and the new ideas you get when you have time to research online/Pinterest.

    1. Amazing list. Shop shop shop! Love it! It’s amazing how much you can check off your list on your phone!

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