It’s time to do the work of love.

If you’re wondering what to do right now… if you’re thinking, I don’t know what world I woke up in… if you’re dazed an confused, it’s time to focus.

We have work to do.

Whoever you voted for, the pain felt in this election is universal. It is not equal, it is not felt in the same ways, but it is felt by every single one of us.

We have work to do.

Reach out to someone right now. You (yes, YOU) know someone who is afraid, full of worry about the years to come. Text them, call them, meet them in the break room, hug them in the hallway, email them, run home to them. Tell them you are with them. Tell them you will stand with them, for their rights, for their dreams, through their fears, in the face of every challenge to come. Reach out to someone right now.

We have work to do.

If you are an immigrant, a woman, muslim, someone with disabilities, African-American, Latino, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and you are scared right now, hold that. Hold it tight to your chest. Remember this moment and perform a miracle. Start right now looking for ways to take that fear and not turn it into rage, but turn it into positive action. Transform that fear into love. It is a miracle, and you have the divine power to do it.

We have work to do.

If you are white and afraid that you are unseen, you are seen. We see you. This is your America as much as it is every other citizen, and if you feel hurt, scared, we have to talk. You are not alone. You deserve the ability to build your dream. And you, with the rest of are called to reach out, too. These political divides are ours to cross together. Reach out to the friends and neighbors who are afraid right now. Tell them you will stand with them.

We have work to do.

My sister texted me last night. She said, “I just want you to know that I’m with you no matter what happens tonight. Your marriage is 100% legitimate. I will never stand by and let people take that away from you.” And while at first, I balked, wanted to say I wasn’t afraid, that I believe in America where that wouldn’t happen, the truth is – I am afraid. I was only given the legal recognition of my marriage last year. And my sister, she’s doing the kind of work we need to do right now, today. We need to reach out to those who feel the pain of this election right now, and we need to say to them, personally, from one human to another, “I am here for you.”

We have work to do.

“Sending you both a lot of love.” My friend sent me a text this morning to say that she’s taking a haitus from social media. “I just wanna reach out to folks I love.” That’s totally right. We have to reach out in love. Right now.

We have work to do.

This is our moment. This is our moment to reach out and grab each other by the hand. This is our moment to pick each other up and work. This is our moment to look around, to take our democracy seriously, to take our role as everyday citizens seriously. This is not happening TO us. This is us. And we are the ones who can and must step forward to make this country.

We have work to do.

And don’t think we’ve forgotten you, you civic action warriors, you protestors, you people who have been standing up against hate and living toward unity, forgiveness, peace, who just finished a long haul fight in this election and feel the fatigue of these past years. We will never forget you. We will look back to every hard road we have walked in this country, the leaders who took those first hard steps. We will look to everyone with a history longer than the past three election cycles, and we will ask, “What did you do when things were darkest?” We are listening for your lessons. We are looking for visions of hope.

We have work to do.

The world needs the love you have in your heart to give. The world needs you to give it, to those closest to you and to those who seem so far away from your political views. The answer is love, and I, YOU, WE must activate and give it.

We have work to do.

Start now. Reach out to someone who needs your love. Build a bridge right now. We have work to do, and you can do it.


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