They recorded everything on their phones


Charlie and I went to Thailand with a team from HAUS Salon to work with a team from ARC. You can see a round up of the entire trip here:

There were fifteen students, fifteen who never missed a moment of class, who stayed polite and attentive and engaged for 4 days of intense instruction on haircut gradation, hair color timing, proper hand positions and more and more.

They must have recorded at least 30 hours of instruction on their phones. That threw me. They never put their phones down. They recorded everything. They recorded new haircuts. They recorded Charlie talking about the steps of a proper hair service. They recorded shampoo demonstrations. They recorded hair curling and flat ironing. They passed their phones to their classmates when they couldn’t get the angle they wanted. They took photos of the finished cuts, the diagrams on the white board, the braids demonstrated on our translator, the correct hand position for holding sheers.

Where are they going to store all of this stuff? Without computers and hard drives where is this all going? And how will they watch it? Will they pull out their phones and scan videos before their next haircut?

They collected everything in these phones, determined to save it all. What will they do with it now?



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