All my selfies – 2015

For the last three years I have taken the same selfie every day. The video here is every selfie from 2015. I started these videos because of a segment I was doing for Cities 97, and I haven’t stopped. A little reminder pops up from the Everyday App, and I stop what I’m doing and take a selfie.

It takes 45 seconds to see my year play out.

I must have been too hungover for a selfie on January 1 because the first selfie is me at work with my favorite cowl I’ve ever made (#knittingnerd). The third is in a club in New Orleans (#backatit).

I keep playing the video and pausing to see what happened last year. At 0:02 I am frowning having just surfaced alone and scared while scuba diving in the Caymans. I was panicking and swam by myself to the surface. I sat on the boat while everyone was 60 feet under. I took a selfie. #oceanterrorcantstopme

At 0:04 I am wrapped up in a blanket in our old apartment reading Writing Down the Bones and having creative dreams.

At 0:09 I am at a hotel in Uganda waiting for my ARC friends and laughing at a hand painted zebra statue serving an incredible side-eye. At 0:11 I am still in Uganda with gorillas behind my back. (The gorillas were better at side-eye)

At 0:19 I am in Congo at the site of a new clinic. I’m standing on top of a land cruiser for this selfie. The moms in the field are watching me. I’m scared of falling.

At 0:20 my husband and I have moved into our new house and the shower downstairs is AMAZING. We wouldn’t find out about the terrible leak in the floor for days.

At 0:21 I’m heading back to Congo on a boat with a dear friend who leans on my shoulder for this photo. His journey has taken him through war in Guinea to war in Sierra Leone to peace in East Africa where he’s helping change the world. I’m so lucky that our paths have crossed, that we’ve become friends, and that now he leans on my shoulder while we sail across Lake Kivu.

At 0:24 my mom is in Minneapolis for my wedding, and we’re at my favorite farmers market in Kingfield. This is one of my happiest places, walking around that tiny market picking out veggies with my mom.

At 0:32 I’m at Youtube Headquarters outside San Francisco. It’s part of a whirlwind visit with my work friend Angela. The two of us visit LinkedIn, Cliff Bar, Lucasfilms, the works… but Youtube is the only one where you can win socks from a claw machine.

At 0:37 I’m wearing a wig at HAUS Salon. When I put it on I look like a super haute Dana Carvey.

At 0:39 I’m at Petra where I take A MILLION selfies because I am flabbergasted. I mean, they carved an entire city out of moutnains. Makes my crafts look like baby’s first drawing.

At 0:44 I am on a plane about to suck down all the espresso because HOLIDAYS and I am so very tired.

At 0:45 I am home and full of glee.


Where did you take your favorite selfie? I bet it was somewhere wonderful.


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