Grandmothers should always wear perfume

Grandmothers should always wear perfume. And please, keep it generic. That way grandsons can look for them in the candle section of every gift store ever.

When I moved away from home, I was surprised the first time I smelled something like Grandmom. I think she wore a perfume called Sand & Stone. It’s a scent full of flowers, a hint of sugar, a hint of salt, and a little bit of cut grass. My grandmother smelled like flowers. The first time I found her I was hunting Christmas gifts at Bath & Bodyworks in college, the scent in a bottle of lotion called White Gardenia.

I have found my grandmother in shops around the world. I smell all the candles everywhere, and everywhere I always find her. We live on opposite sides of the country now, so I have started buying these candles and lighting them in the morning when I write. A wisp of perfumed air flies by, and suddenly I am on the church pew next leaning against her arm, doodling on a sermon outline, anxious to run home and pick up our game of Jailhouse Rummy.

Wear perfume, grandmas. It gives the ones you love a scent to find and follow home.

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