first saturday morning

My first Saturday morning in Minneapolis. One full week at the American Refugee Committee under my belt. This included reengaging American work culture (Microsoft Outlook is frightening and in general I feel like Lucy with her chocolates conveyor belt), getting to know a lot of new friends, enjoying Somali food for the first time, starting to learn my fourth language (Hdg ban ah’hai! I am a star!), and learning that my new workplace is one that matches my soul. My imagination is running wild with plans for my new apartment (moving in a week from Monday!), plans to make even more new friends, and plans to get so incredibly creative in ways that honor and share the amazing work I get to see happen everyday at ARC*.

This morning the sun is shining over an amazing fall day, and after I make pancakes for my host I’m going to go explore this city and meet a friend that just happens to be visiting here from my hometown. I promise to share my new space with ARC here at the blog as soon as it’s created, and here’s a little bit I made for ARC two weeks ago to promote their our I Am A Star campaign.

*Disclaimer: I will be sounding pretty schmaltzy in most upcoming posts. I have arrived at my dream job, and while it is incredibly challenging, I am getting to be as creative as possible to share incredible things that are happening in developing communities all over the world. This job, for me, is way better than Christmas. Christmas is as schmaltzy as it gets, so I’m employing my schmaltzy license now. This logic works in my head.


  1. You sound so *alive* – I love it. So happy for you!

    Also… how might one go about getting one of those t-shirts?

  2. Thanks, Hoot! There will be a merch section of the website fairly soon. Until then… I have a thought. …[mysterious face]…

  3. Oh, AND, I forgot to say that you can like us on facebook (address at the end of the vid) where you can stay tuned for contests to score some sweet swag bags! We’ve got some bracelets that are super great, as well as pins, stickers, shirts, and signed photos of yours truly. (Ok… we don’t actually have the me-photos.)

  4. Sandra Taylor

    Schmaltzy license granted, with pleasure!

    1. Haha!!! Thanks, Sandra!

  5. Ah ha! The t-shirts are now available!

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