This was the original title for the post I am writing now about the expected and unexpected things I’ve encountered coming back to America.

But I had to scratch that title because I can’t say that word without thinking of this.

First of all, did you know Fabio made an album in the nineties? Second of all, I blame Kathryn for ruining a perfectly necessary word of the English language when she burned the track on a mix cd a few years ago. “I like nothing better than to surprise my lady… with a a plane ticket… and a toothbrush… and her bikini…” Oh, dash it all.

However, I will suggest getting a copy of the song for that playist you put on at dinner parties or game night. Inevitably someone will say, “Hey, what is this?” And then ensues a conversation tree that can include romance, bizarre culture, and everyone saying their favorite destination in Fabio-voice. Almost makes up for never again being able to say surprises in an American accent.

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