yerevan sun

Aaaaaaah, yes. There it is, a blazing sun slapping my shoulders. I’m in central Armenia for sure.

After sweatering up in cool Goris, the capital brought on some heat exhaustion and a massive headache which wiped me right out for a few hours. But after a cold shower and some gellato, CURED! I was then able to enjoy dusk by the cascade with the my best fulbright scholar (and otherwise) friends, Claire and Imogen, guzzling some sweet Laimon Fresh (a Claire and Brent discovery). Imogen had seized a couple donuts off a pile at the US Embassy’s Independence Day party, and after removing them from their crumpled napkins, we had a vertible street rat feast (re: beginning scenes from Aladdin, late night, scraps of food, feeling poor but free!). Then we went to check out my friend’s new bar, D.I.Y., which had such a creative vibe I immediately felt the need to write a poem, get a tattoo and splatter paint on the walls.

This morning, after a greeting from Tim’s cats,  came a moment I’ve been waiting for since last September: breakfast at Gemini Cafe. The place serves crepes and coffee from a corner shop window, and patrons choose from some smart looking small tables sitting under trees up and down the sidewalk. Cool morning air, ham and cheese crepe, my friend Zoe, and a neighborhood feeling worthy of a scene in You’ve Got Mail.  This is me taking it in.


  1. i love love love the imagery in this post. i don’t even know you but i feel like i was hanging out you & your friends.

  2. Hi writer friend o’ mine ~ You are a very dedicated blogger and I love what you have managed to create from our Peace Corps life over the last 25 months here in your creative universe. I’ll keep reading even as we pass through the gates back to America-land! xo, Zoe

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