ok, I’ll admit it, I’m pretty excited.

I’ve been in Goris for a week slogging through on a film project for Peace Corps with my team who has been working, some of us, since October 2009.  We’re calling ourselves Skin of Our Teeth Productions, because… well, I think you get it.  And this month I think, I hope, I pray, I light candles to all the gods BECAUSE WE MIGHT FINISH.  Praise him.

Most of us working together are leaving this summer, and so when we’re not slicing up our hours of footage or watching another episode of Mad Men we’re reflecting on these two years in Armenia and the upcoming lifetime elsewhere.

I feel a lot of things about it, as you might have guessed already.  And believe; I’ll be posting about my soul-churning and other effects of the Big Move.

But for now, can I just say that, thanks to Monkey See, I am so, so excited to come back to America.

Because Anne and James are hosting the Oscars
Because diversity is valued, explored, cherished…
Because people are still talking about Survivor
Because ours is a land where Cee-Lo, Gwenyth P, and the Muppets can come together

I so much miss American culture and [gets up and dances while singing] I get to be a part of it!

I mean, we get to do things like this in America:

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