my jeans are happier

Today, for the first time in 440 days, I washed (some of) my clothes in an actual washing machine (as opposed to hand-washing and later  my trusty Riga-8).  Some PCV’s have actual spinning, see-the-suds-through-the-door machines.  I don’t and was thrilled at the prospect.  I was not. however, prepared for what happened next.  After washing them, after they had been squeezed to non-drip perfection in the mystical centrifuge, I put them in another futuristic dream-land contraption: A DRYER.

I even used A DRYER SHEET.


I was a little afraid my clothes would break the machine with all the dirt that surely remains  tucked into seams and pockets despite all of Riga-8’s best efforts to spin my garments in soon-brown water.  One good go in a spin-washer within two years, that’s pretty good I think.  And yes, after the dryer I DID take them out in a bundle and hug my PCV friend with all the warm clothes in between us.  A particular and peculiar joy.

Now I’m going to go take a shower and put on clean blue jeans that fit snug all over.


  1. Best warm-clothes-hug ever!

  2. I love putting on a pair of jeans having just come out of the washer – they’re always a perfect fit!

  3. katieleigh

    It’s the little things in life, no? I LOVE clean warm clothes.

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