running around smiling wildly and flailing my arms

Y’all.  I know I already cried wolf on ‘the biggest news of the year‘.  And yes, I stand by refried beans as life-changing.  But it’s time to get serious.


My mother is coming to Armenia.

My mother.  In Armenia.  It’s. All. Happening.

See the incredible woman in this little Skype photo:

You may recall her wonderfulness as mentioned here.

Well, this mom who’s been all pixels and care packages is going to be, within a mere month or so, HUGGABLE.  HUGGABLE, PEOPLE!

I’m fairly certain that when I see her at the airport HERE IN ARMENIA that I will turn into a pile of mush immediately.  I think I’ll prepare a little sign to hold up from the mush that says, “I wish I could hug you right now, but you may have to wait until I become a solid again.”

But now I’m all lists and plans and flurried wonder at what will I think be A Dream Come True.

Can’t deal.  Too excited.  More later.



  2. whatthestitch

    Ahhh this is so exciting!!!

  3. christine


  4. This is so cute! Hope y’all have a great time :)

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