two of them!

Last week found me moving between three cities, meeting new friends and hugging old ones.  And by “old ones” I mean my Peace Corps friends who are now more than a year-old.  My Peace Corps service is nearly half-way over.  [head spins]

And by “meeting new friends”, I mostly mean that I met my new sitemates.

I have sitemates. Two of them.  Two Americans coming to live in my town.  This really changes so much about my Peace Corps service.  I spend so much of my time in my little Armenian bubble up north.  I get out about once a month and have a taste of America, some quality time with other Americans in the capital or in other towns.  But now, two Americans are invading my bubble.

You’ll be hearing about them more soon.  They’re coming for their first visit in about a week.  They’re moving here in the beginning of August.

Does this mean I might not watch so many movies by myself?  Does this mean wil’in’ out to Hot Chip in my living room may no longer be a solo venture?  Does this mean that I might no longer have to premptively eat so much quick-to-spoil food alone?

Stay tuned, y’all.  Stay.  Tuned.


  1. you forgot to mention that at least one of these two Americans is the coolest person, ever. So cool that many experts now list Armenia among the ten coolest countries in history.

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