biggest news of the entire year

I made refried beans.

Hmmm… perhaps you aren’t reading this correctly.


Alright to be fair, some of you haven’t been around me enough to know that bean burritos are my staple.  I’ve been eating them since the womb.  No food makes me quite so happy as cheese melting on beans, as warm beany goodness mixing in with cool sour cream.  Not even chocolate chip cookies can make me so very excited.

Some absolutely excellent family and friends know this fact about me and have sent me cans of Rosita or Old El Paso because they’re afraid I might not function otherwise (these people know me).  And yet, all this time, I was inches away from completing one of the easiest recipes.  A quick cost-benefit analysis rendered Cooking My Own Refried Beans as a must-do.  I decided to go for it, and some garlic, onion, cumin and ground chillies later, I was chomping on heaven.

You can read a real recipe for refried beans if you want, or you can do the following:

(Ingredients: some beans, some garlic, some onion, some cumin, some ground chillies, some forgiveness-of-self, some self-indulgence)

1. Sit on your butt for a year following this regimen almost exclusively: pizza rolls, egg tacos, chocolate chip cookies, repeat.

2. Dance around your house upon receiving a package from home.  Increase dancing tempo upon seeing that oh-so-familiar can of Old El Paso.

3. Wait one year.

4. Get scolded by fellow PCV who tells you how easy it is to make refried beans at home.  Be inspired by her incredible cooking skills.

5. Go home. Boil some beans.  Chop up some garlic and onion.  Wait for five hours, passing time by cleaning, watching episodes of Seinfeld and Big Love.  Read some Middlesex.  Burn your tongue testing a bean for squishability.  Add the chopped garlic and onion, sprinkle in a bunch of the cumin and the chilly. Smash.

6. Make a bean burrito.  Eat it, and die a thousand deaths.

7. Forgive yourself for not doing this so much sooner.

8. The next evening, “forget” your tummy’s morning objections.  Eat four more bean burritos.


  1. I do this recipe a bit differently. Follow these two recipes (and probably your own addition of chile peppers and cumin) and then the one in the second link. A bit more complicated, but not by much, and makes an incredible taste.

    1. Meant to say follow the recipe in the first link and then the recipe in the second link.

  2. Apres Brent-jan. Du “foodie” kdarnas shut shut.

  3. Hahaha! Oh Brent- You make me laugh- I know we haven’t really talked in FOREVER- but I clicked this link from FB and I just wanted to let you know- you make me smile! Hope all is going well :)

  4. christine

    These beans sound delicious. I want to eat four bean burritos right now. Hahaha, I loved this entry. Oh, how I miss you!

  5. […] noticed some roller-coastering.  Well, folks, we are in full upswing now!  Clearly there was the I Can Make Refried Beans Discovery.  And really, there’s so much more.  […]

  6. Its true! I ate bean burritos from Taco Villa with green sause when I was preggers with Brent! He would kick me till I ate one. So much more to the story but that is probably enough of that. What I have to add is that when Brent would get the package from home he would hoard the last can and stare at it till he had heard there was another package on the way then he would wait as long as he could till he couldn’t stand it and eat it. Brent ate so much refried beans before he left home on burritos, chalupas and chips that when he left the rest of use didn’t eat them for like ……… well I still don’t think we have had a bean burrito or chalupa. If anyone said how about chalupas for supper we would kinda go ugh no not yet. So we will probably wait until we can eat them again with Brent. But this time we won’t have to open a can. Makes me think of what my sweet mom would say and she was quoting Plato, ” Necessity, who is the mother of invention.”

  7. […] 1, 2010 by breadtobeeaten Y’all.  I know I already cried wolf on ‘the biggest news of the year‘.  And yes, I stand by refried beans as life-changing.  But it’s time to get […]

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