how’s the chicken?

I’m starting to get why people like dogs.  Perhaps its all the lap naps.  Or maybe it’s the way they spring at your knees and wag and wag.  Or maybe it’s the huge kick they get out of playing with rocks.  It’s a mixture of things I’m sure.  I will say the whole training business is work.  Following The Chicken’s little butt around while she sniffs is at the least fairly inglorious, and my chanting of the mantra “Go potty… go potty… go potty…”  just makes me want to pee.
She’s getting into a rebellious stage that amounts to me spending half our time together chasing her.  Earlier today I left her in the office for five minutes while I went and mailed something.  And of course, while the entire office was eating lunch around her, she did a big show and pooped right in front of them.  I laughed hysterically at the fact that in a small room full of 10 human beings she can still sneak around and turd them, but overall I’d say that this is working against that endear-The-Chicken-to-the-coworkers-so-The-Chicken-can-roost-by-my-desk strategy.

She’s doing great at home though.  My little landsisters, aged 4 and 6, are finally, after one month, willing to touch her.  The 6 year-old still runs screaming from the football sized pooch but in that conjured fear way that makes a simple game of chase into a run-for-your-life-the-monster-is-after-me feat of bravery.  The Chicken loves the attention and for some reason won’t run from the 4 year-old when she comes calling despite the fact that the littlest landsister likes to tote her like a rag doll.  The Chicken wags under her grip, slides down the tiny landsister’s cotton leggings until she’s got her by the chin and one elbow with hips bumping against her knee.  I get to play older brother, a role I miss beyond words (here’s to you, far away Squishter), and the four of us play in the garden while my landfather turns dirt and plants potatoes.  We play until the landmother calls the girls in from the swiftly cooling night.  After they run inside, I deposit The Chicken in her kennel nest and go inside for a late dinner of pizza rolls and an episode of Heroes.


  1. the Mom

    You know what is so cool about your writing sweet son? YOu write in a way that conjures up pictures in my mind of swirling skirts on not so long legs with nipping at the heals as child and puppy are running past a hoe in motion and a small smile on a bristled chin follows. Of course in a Martha Steward kind of way. I think that is the product of good writing. :) I can almost see it. Thank you for that. I won’t go into what I invision in your office. Love you more than puppies! Mom

  2. so I read this line: “and the four of us play in the garden while my landfather turns dirt and plants potatoes” and i noticed how similar our living situations are except for one thing….I actually help out when my landfather is turning dirt and planting potatoes :) maybe you should try it!

    1. ooooh…. you are so right… but there’s only one shovel!

  3. the Mom

    Dear Brent,
    I read your blog about your addiction to my morning class after having them answer role call with their favorite way to sleep. They want to make these comments on your blog. John says he has the same morning start as you in the groaning of not wanting to wake up. Miranda agrees that it is hard getting up and she doesn’t want to either. MiKayla says she hates hearing her mom’s flipflops because she knows that she is going to make her get up. Macy comments that her Sunday mornings are the best because everyone is asleep and she isn’t so she blares her radio. Megan grips the bed rails so her mother won’t pull her off the bed and end her slumber. Nick hates to hear the creaking of the stairs under the weight of his father as he comes to say “Wake up” and if that doesn’t work his dad sits on him. :) Angelina is woken up by text! Get up reads the text as her mom goes back to sleep. Questions now: Why did you name your puppy Spring Chicken? Why do they call detergent Barf? Can you take more pictures of your house and rooms we want to see it? Also could you measure the perimeter of the house so we can know how big it is? Thank you for writing and would you send answers to Mrs. HInes email? We will get them faster. :) Bye!

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